Playlist Exporter

This exports all your playlists to YouTube and SoundCloud quickly and easily, without copying any video IDs or saving/uploading any files.


First, drag the button below to your bookmarks bar. Then, join any room on, and press the bookmark once you can see the chat.

Export Playlists

When you press the bookmark, you'll be prompted to log in to your YouTube and SoundCloud accounts, so the bookmark can create playlists and add songs to them. Once that's done, every one of your playlists will be handled in order automatically.

It's important that you don't refresh while the bookmark is running, since it won't have finished adding songs yet. So if you do accidentally refresh and re-run the bookmark, you'll end up with a bunch of duplicate exported playlists. You'll have to manually delete the duplicate playlists in that case. Or leave them be, if you don't mind duplicates!


Several people have built playlist exporting scripts. Some of the popular ones are: